Anesthesiologist with surgical team preparing the patient for surgery


Quality assurance and progress in medicine are inconceivable without teaching and research. This is why we actively support the continuous development of our teaching programs and research projects.

In teaching, anesthesiology staff participate in practical and theoretical medical training courses.

As an A1 clinic, we offer complete further training for the specialist titles of anesthesiology, intensive care medicine and emergency physician SGNOR.

The University Hospital Basel offers further training courses for anesthesia nursing, intensive care nursing and surgical nursing.

We give lectures and take part in thematic block courses and tutorials for student teaching at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Basel.

"The certified expert in anesthesia nursing NDS HF performs general anesthesia on patients of different age groups using various techniques. They work under delegation or in collaboration with anesthesiology specialists. Within this framework, they act independently and autonomously."
from framework curriculum, OdASanté

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Emilio Tonoli

Hauptverantwortlicher Berufsbildner

Anästhesiepflege NDS

The postgraduate course in anesthesia nursing is an in-service training course (80 - 100%) at higher technical college level. The requirements are

  • CH diploma in nursing (HF, FH) or
  • foreign diploma in nursing with SRK registration
  • At least 24 months of professional experience in acute care

Available places 2023

No available places

Available places 2024

  • Start May: no places available
  • Start November: 1

As an A1 clinic, we offer complete training to become a specialist in anesthesiology. Intensive cooperation with various Swiss clinics in the context of further training enables networked training activities.

As an A1 clinic, we offer complete further training to become a specialist in intensive care medicine in our Operative Intensive Care Department.

The active preclinical work (REGA, emergency doctor) enables the acquisition of the SGNOR emergency doctor certificate.

Training responsibilities

Assistant doctors in anesthesiology
Prof. Thierry Girard

Residents in intensive care medicine
Prof. Hans Pargger

Residents in pain therapy
PD Dr. Wilhelm Ruppen

Master's theses and dissertations
(Faculty of Medicine, University of Basel)
PD Dr. Daniel Bolliger

Diploma theses and dissertations
(Faculty of Science, University of Basel)
Dr. Susan Treves, PhD