If you call the emergency services and report a medical emergency, please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Follow the instructions of the dispatcher at the emergency call center
  • Where exactly is the emergency location?Town, street, house number, floor
  • Who is calling?Your callback number
  • What exactly has happened?Are you with the patient?

Even if you are excited and nervous, just listen carefully and answer our staff's questions as calmly and completely as possible. We will arrange for the emergency services to be alerted while you are still on the phone.

Other questions you may be asked

  • When did it happen?Time of the emergency
  • How many patients are affected?
    • Age of the patient / if unsure >estimated age
    • Is the patient conscious?
    • Is the patient breathing?
  • Any other information?e.g. patient trapped, danger signs

Further emergency facilities

Tel. 145


In case of poisoning or suspected poisoning.

Phone +41 61 263 75 75
Petersgraben 3
4051 Basel

Opening hours around the clock, 365 days a year

Pedestrians should use the entrance to Clinic 1 at Spitalstrasse 21.

Access by car in emergencies
In emergencies
, the access road at Schanzenstrasse 45 may be used for stopping (but not for parking).

University Hospital Basel
Eye Clinic
Mittlere Strasse 91
4031 Basel

Phone +41 61 265 86 86

What to do in a pediatric emergency

Information from the website of the University Children's Hospital Basel

  • Call your pediatrician first.
  • If your pediatrician is not available, you can use the Medgate Kids Line. You can reach this fee-based advice hotline for children and adolescents emergencies from our partner Medgate on 0900 712 712 (CHF 3.23 per minute for calls from a Swiss landline) or 0900 712 713 (CHF 3.12 per minute for calls from prepaid cell phones).
  • You can also call the UKBB emergency ward directly.
  • For emergencies abroad, call the emergency number of your health insurance company. You will find this number on your health insurance card.

When should you call the ambulance?

  • If your child is very unwell, for example suffering from breathing difficulties and/or loss of consciousness, or if they have severe burns, call the ambulance on 144.