Your admission to hospital

Welcome to the University Hospital Basel

We warmly welcome you to our hospital. We know that a stay in hospital is not an easy experience for most people and do everything we can to ensure that you feel well treated, completely safe and receive excellent care.

Checklist for your hospital stay

  • Inform a contact person about your stay in hospital.
  • If necessary, make arrangements for mail delivery during your absence.
  • Ask your insurance company to confirm that it will cover the costs of your stay.
  • Fill in our "Registration form" and return it before you go into hospital.

Please bring the following documents with you

  • Referral letter from your doctor
  • Insurance card(s) from your basic and, if applicable, supplementary insurance
  • Blood group ID card and other medical ID cards or passports, e.g. insulin prescription, allergy pass, blood thinner pass
  • Medication plan or list of medication you are currently taking
  • Living will, if available, or other advance health care planning documents

Personal items for your hospital stay

  • hygiene articles
  • non-slip (house) shoes
  • sneakers (or similar, closed shoes)
  • comfortable clothing (tracksuit, pyjamas etc.)
  • Medication that you take regularly, in the original packaging
  • If required: glasses, hearing aid, lenses and necessary accessories, walking aids
  • other items such as cell phone incl. charging cable, reading material, headphones, earplugs or sleep mask.


The University Hospital Basel accepts no liability for loss of or damage to personal effects (valuables and articles of daily use).

  • If possible, leave your valuables (e.g. jewelry, laptop, large sums of money, etc.) at home or give them to your relatives.
  • Use the safe in the patient's room.
  • In special situations (e.g. operation, transfer, intensive care unit) your valuables will be kept by our staff and returned to you in due course.

Room check-in and admission interview

As soon as all the formalities have been completed, you can move into your room. You will also be given the telephone number where you can be reached during your stay with us. You can receive calls from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

If you wish to make an external call, you must first dial 0 and then the complete telephone number (including area code).

On the day of your admission, the admission interview will take place with the responsible doctor and the responsible nurse.

Where possible, we offer an interpreter service for patients who speak a foreign language. Please contact the nursing staff in good time.


Depending on the contract you have concluded with your health insurance company, you will be treated in a room in the general, semi-private or private category. Please note: If your insurance cover is inadequate, you will quickly incur considerable additional costs which you will have to bear yourself.

We will support you in settling the costs with the insurance providers, but cannot accept any liability (accuracy of information). As a patient, you are solely responsible for settling the hospital bill (especially for costs that are not covered by the payers). If the USB does not receive a satisfactory cost approval from a cost bearer or a sufficient down payment before your admission, the USB may refuse admission in full or in the appropriate class (except in emergencies) without incurring any costs.

If you have any questions, please contact the staff at the Inpatient Admissions Department.

Admission for people with a disability

Our disability officer is available as a contact person for patients with a disability:


Maria Fahrni



The Disability Officer stands for an accessible healthcare offering in which treatment is adapted to the disability. She identifies specific medical and nursing aspects, represents the needs of people with a disability and advises the departments.


  • Internal contact person for patients with a disability
  • Advice center for medical staff in dealing with people with a disability
  • Coordination of internal and external inquiries

Living will

You do not yet have a living will, but would like to find out more?

On this page you will find further information on the Basel Patient Decree : Basel living will (

Contact us


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