Gut starten im Spital


Ein Spitaleintritt ist für die meisten Menschen kein einfacher Schritt und oftmals mit Ängsten verbunden. Wir setzen alles daran, dass Sie sich während Ihres Aufenthalts bei uns wohlfühlen und Sie in dieser Zeit sowohl auf fachlicher als auch auf menschlicher Ebene optimal versorgt werden.

  • Referral letter from your doctor
  • Insurance card (proof of supplemental insurance, if you have it)
  • Blood type ID card
  • Medical IDs or passports, such as insulin passport, allergy passport, blood thinner ID card
  • Medication schedule or list of medications you are currently taking
  • Advance healthcare directive
  • Organ donor ID
  • X-ray images

  • Personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, etc. 
  • Underwear
  • Non-slip slippers that ensure a firm grip
  • Exercise clothing
  • Nightgown or pajamas
  • For your leisure: Something to read, music and headphones, games, puzzle books

Once all the formalities are taken care of, you can move into your room. There, you will also find out the telephone number you can be reached under during your stay with us. You can receive calls from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

If you want to make an external call, you must first dial 0 and then dial the complete number (including area code). 


Please leave valuables such as jewelery, laptop and large amounts of money at home, if possible. The University Hospital Basel assumes no liability for loss. If you still bring money or valuables, all our rooms have small safes. You can also deposit your valuables, with a receipt, in the safe at the main cash desk (in the entrance hall of Clinic 1, Spitalstrasse 21)

On the day of your admission, you will have an admission interview with the doctor and nurse in charge.

Next to your bed you will find a pad and a ballpoint pen. Write down what topics you are thinking about and what questions you want to ask. You will have the opportunity to bring up your concerns during the admission interview or during the rounds. 

We offer an interpreting service to foreign language patients, when possible. Please contact the nursing staff promptly with this request 

Depending on your contract with your health insurer or accident insurance provider, you will be cared for in the general, semi-private or private area of a ward.


If your insurance coverage is insufficient, you will quickly incur significant additional costs, which you will have to pay out of pocket. It is therefore essential that you clarify all insurance-related matters with your health insurer or accident insurer before you are admitted to the hospital. If you do not have a full guarantee from your health insurer or accident insurance, we ask you to pay a deposit before admission. It goes without saying that we accept all common payment methods. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the inpatient admissions staff. 

Tel. +41 61 265 44 96

Our Disability Officer is at your disposal as the point of contact for patients with disabilities.


Maria Fahrni



The Disability Officer works to ensure accessible health services, which treatment adapted to the disability. The Disability Officer identifies specific aspects of medical and nursing care, represents the needs of disabled patients and advises the departments.



  • Internal point of contact for patients with a disability
  • Consults medical staff on dealing with disabled people
  • Coordinates internal and external inquiries


Admission Form



Françoise Bonato


Empfang und Aufnahme

Montag bis Freitag
8.30-12.00 Uhr und 13.30-16.30 Ihr

Tel. +41 61 265 70 16

Montag bis Freitag
8.30-12.00 Uhr und 13.30-16.30 Ihr

Tel. +41 61 265 44 93