Junior assistants and trainees in radiology and nuclear medicine

We will introduce you to the subjects of radiology and nuclear medicine by immersing you in our day-to-day work. You will take part in every step of the process, from determining the indication to weighing up the risks and benefits, planning, performing, evaluating and reporting examinations. Depending on the length of your stay with us, you will become familiar with the entire spectrum of our examination equipment as well as complex post-processing algorithms.

You can significantly deepen your knowledge by participating in and contributing to our further and advanced training courses. Depending on the length of your stay (at least 1 month, rotation after 2 weeks), you will rotate to abdominal and oncological diagnostics, cardiothoracic diagnostics, musculoskeletal diagnostics and neuroradiology, or, if you are specifically interested, to nuclear medicine or interventional radiology.

Learning objectives

The professional learning objectives include expanding your knowledge of the appropriate use of radiological methods and the qualified interpretation of examination results as well as the pathomorphological understanding of diseases:

  • Checking the indication against the background of medical history, clinical questions and given (preliminary) findings
  • Weighing up the benefits and risks of each examination
  • Monitoring of examinations and quality assurance
  • Systematic analysis of pathological changes with differential diagnostic assessment in the clinical context
  • Case presentations at clinical reports, conferences
  • Participation in emergency care

By actively participating in the daily work of the various specialties and departments, you will gain an overview of the entire field of radiology and nuclear medicine (depending on the rotation).


Your tasks will include

  • familiarization with radiological and nuclear medicine methods (as well as technical procedures)
  • (under supervision) independent diagnosis of conventional chest and skeletal x-rays
  • (under supervision) Independent performance and diagnosis of sonographies
  • Participation in the diagnosis of cross-sectional imaging examinations (CT, MRI, if interested also SPECT/CT and PET/CT) with post-processing, image analysis and preparation of findings
  • Participation in clinical reports and conferences
  • Active participation and collaboration in our further education and training courses (e.g. case presentations in our internal lunchtime reports)

Requirements and availability:

Students of our faculty in their elective year as well as students in their final year are very welcome. You should have a detective-like interest in diagnostic imaging.

The following literature is to be acquired before the start of the sub-assistance:
M. Reiser, F.-P. Kuhn, J. Debus: Radiologie, Thieme, 20174 (esp. chapters "Rad. Procedures", "Nuclear Medicine", "Skeleton")

For further reading, see our recommended teaching materials.

Available places:

1 to 4 per month

Duration and choice of work area:

Program duration: 1 to 4 months with full workload, mandatory from the 1st day of a month. Depending on the length of stay, the following areas of work are possible:

  • Radiology: rotations are possible in abdominal and oncological diagnostics, cardiothoracic diagnostics, musculoskeletal diagnostics and neuroradiology (minimum duration: 1 month, rotation change after 2 weeks in each case).
  • Nuclear medicine (on request, minimum duration: 1 month)
  • Interventional radiology (on request)
  • Interventional neuroradiology (on request, minimum duration: 1 month)

We take preferences into account where possible, but cannot guarantee a preferred allocation.

The same conditions apply for clinical traineeships as for junior assistant positions. However, they are unpaid.

There is also the opportunity to get a taste of what it is like to work with us for a shorter period (1-3 weeks) as part of a work shadowing program.

Please also contact Ms. Yasmine Wick and the Radiology and Nuclear Medicine secretariat.

Application modalities

Send your complete application with

  • letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae (preferably with photo)
  • Current proof of enrollment
  • Examination documents (certificates of previous academic achievements)
  • copy of identity card

Please specify in which specialty you would like to work: Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Interventional Radiology).

You can submit your application at any time.

Please send your application for a junior assistant position by e-mail to the Radiology and Nuclear Medicine secretariat.