Heart and brain

Heart and brain

The Innovation Focus Acute Medicine, Heart & Brain aims to further improve the care of patients with acute life-threatening illnesses such as acute myocardial infarction and acute stroke.

The University Hospital Basel has already achieved a leading clinical and scientific position in this field in Switzerland and throughout Europe in recent years through interdisciplinary innovation. Our aim now is to consistently build on this leading position for the benefit of our patients.

We want to find out even more quickly whether the cause of chest pain in patients who present to the emergency center with acute chest pain, for example, is an acute life-threatening illness such as a heart attack or whether there is a more harmless cause. The sooner we have established the cause, the sooner we can start targeted treatment. In recent years, we have established ways at the University Hospital Basel to make this process much safer and much faster than in the past and more rapid than in other hospitals.



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