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The University Hospital Basel has many years of experience with international patients.


With our wide range of services, we offer a unique package of excellent medicine and individual all-round service. Our Patient Service Managers ensure a pleasant stay at the University Hospital Basel.

The aim of a general checkup and health consultation is to identify risk profiles early and to spot any health problems. This preventive screening makes it possible to treat diseases at an early stage or prevent their progression.

Checkups are performed by doctors with many years of experience and individually supplemented with specific additional examinations.


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A second opinion is a second, independent review of an initial medical finding by another doctor. The second opinion may be given about a disease or treatment measure. Getting a second opinion may help avoid a misdiagnosis or simply make the patient feel better by dispelling doubts about an initial finding.


When is it helpful to get a second opinion?

It is especially worth getting a second opinion from a second doctor before major treatment measures, for example, when there is a choice of different treatment options for cancer or major spine surgery. However, it may also be useful to have two doctors assess the need for any other surgical procedure that requires a longer hospital stay or treatment using medications with a lot of side effects. In the case of very urgent therapies, obtaining a second opinion may no longer be feasible at all or has to be weighed up against starting therapy early.


In some cases, your doctor may suggest that you consult another doctor for a second opinion. Often, however, patients themselves decide to consult another doctor.


We would be happy to check whether a remote second opinion from one of our specialists would be feasible and make sense in your case.


For a second opinion, we need:

  • Full name, date of birth, address, zip code, city, telephone number
  • Medical report(s)
  • Information on current treatment and symptoms
  • Specific questions for our doctors


Also (if available):

  • Radiology images (X-ray, MRI, CT, etc.)
  • Laboratory reports
  • Pathology findings