Simone Rüdlin, Head of the International Service on a video call with a patient

Your stay at the University Hospital Basel

Unser Ziel ist es, die bestmögliche Versorgung unserer Patientinnen und Patienten vom Zeitpunkt ihrer Aufnahme bis zum Tag ihrer Entlassung zu gewährleisten.

We would be happy to work with the clinics and treatment centers of the University Hospital Basel to find the most suitable evaluation and treatment options for you.


For this purpose, we need up-to-date medical reports (not older than three months). These should be typed (not handwritten), in English or German. Furthermore, it is important for us to know the patient’s current condition and whether the patient is currently receiving any treatment.


You can send your documents by e-mail, mail or fax or use our contact form.


We will try to get back to you with information about any treatment or evaluation options , as well as the associated costs within two working days.


On request, we can arrange a provisional date for the treatment at the same time as we provide the treatment recommendations and the cost estimate. This date can be confirmed once we have received your payment. In general, we do not have long waiting times and appointments at short notice are available. Our Patient Service Managers will make every effort to arrange an appointment that is tailored to your needs.


We look forward to hearing from you.

All administrative and financial matters are handled by the International Service of the University Hospital Basel. If you have any questions about the cost estimate and billing, please contact us.


An overview of the expected treatment costs is prepared based on the treatment recommendations. This is a preliminary estimate based on the available findings and may differ from the actual costs.


Payment options

Once you have decided to receive treatment at University Hospital Basel, we ask you to transfer the total amount of the cost estimate to the specified bank account of the University Hospital Basel. Payment by credit card is also possible.


Final billing

We calculate the cost of the services actually provided 4 to 6 weeks after the treatment is completed. If the cost is lower than the amount paid in advance, we will refund the remaining sum immediately. In some cases, especially if complications occur, the final bill may be higher and require an additional payment.

The bill is an official document issued in German only.

  1. Responding to inquiries about treatment options and doctors
  2. Arranging appointments with your specialists at the University Hospital Basel
  3. Organizing your admission and stay at the University Hospital Basel
  4. Providing support and recommendations for hotel stays in the city of Basel and the surrounding area
  5. Preparing treatment cost estimates
  6. Handling financial and administrative formalities
  7. Providing support to obtain a visa at the Swiss consulate in your country

  1. Airport transfer (Zurich Airport, Euroairport Basel, Frankfurt Airport)
  2. Hospital admission
  3. Supervising and coordinating the medical treatment provided by the University Hospital Basel and our partners
  4. Accompanying you in your treatment appointments
  5. Organizing an interpreting service

  1. Contacting the doctor and therapist in charge of further treatment
  2. Organizing and providing the medication
  3. Organizing the return transport
  4. Sending your medical reports
  5. Coordinating follow-up appointments

Our private patients are accommodated in modern single rooms in the private ward of the University Hospital Basel.
The air-conditioned rooms are mainly located on the 7th floor and offer fantastic views over Basel and the trinational Basel region.


Most rooms for our private patients have the following amenities as a standard:

  • Shower/Bathroom
  • Radio and TV with international channels
  • Air conditioning
  • Telephone/Wi-Fi
  • iPad during your stay (on request)
  • High-quality bathrobe
  • High-quality slippers (non-slip)
  • Welcome folder with useful information
  • Welcome gift
  • Free choice of meals from our Mediterranean menu


Meals are prepared according to the latest findings in nutritional science and in line with your treatment.
We will be happy to advise you on the food options and cater to your special and cultural culinary wishes (kosher, halal, diet, allergies).


Your visitors are, of course, welcome to eat with you by choosing anything from our menu.