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What the Margarethen Clinic has to offer

Appearance is very important in our society. Thanks to modern medicine, many dreams can be realized. However, a constantly growing demand for aesthetic procedures and measures is offset by a poorly regulated supply.

In contrast to other medical disciplines, there is still too little critical scrutiny of the effects and safety of aesthetic methods and equally critical consideration of the results. We see it as our duty to close these gaps.

We therefore always ask ourselves the following questions and provide clarification:

  • Does a procedure make sense for the patient?
  • Are the expectations of the result realistic?
  • What treatment options are available and what risks can be expected?

Answering these questions is at the heart of every consultation in order to avoid decisions for the sake of fashion and disappointments caused by exaggerated expectations.

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Aesthetic advice

  • Do you have a personal concern or a question about your face or body?
  • Would you like a professional analysis and are considering an aesthetic procedure?
  • Are you unsure and would like advice from a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery or dermatology?
  • Would you like a second opinion on a planned or already performed procedure?

During a 30-minute consultation with our specialists, your concerns will be analyzed and, if desired, an individual treatment plan will be drawn up. The cost of the consultation is CHF 150.

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Frequently asked questions about the Margarethen Clinic's services

There are various reasons for this. On the one hand, aesthetics is already a natural part of many medical disciplines. Dermatology in particular is often naturally associated with beauty. In modern plastic surgery, the demand for an aesthetically pleasing result is also part of the treatment plan when treating breast cancer patients.

In addition, the University Hospital Basel is repeatedly confronted with questions relating to "cosmetic surgery". Mostly when patients who have undergone surgery in emerging or third world countries have to be treated in our emergency ward due to complications or complaints.

High demand is offset by a poorly regulated supply, which is advertised by service providers and suppliers with various levels of training, from beauty salons to non-specialist doctors. What is needed is an offering that uses scientific methods to scrutinize the effectiveness and safety of treatments while at the same time taking a critical look at the results. For many stakeholders, the Margarethenklinik is therefore the competence center for aesthetic advice and treatment at university level.

There are also various reasons for this: We have specialists with the appropriate training and experience, not only the direct contact person (surgeon, urologist, dermatologist) but the entire team is available as excellently trained and experienced professionals. The exchange between the specialist disciplines is part of everyday life at the University Hospital Basel. Cases are discussed between the various specialists in order to find the best possible treatment.

Dermatology offers a wide range of treatments on the surface of the skin. Aesthetic surgery techniques can also be used to effectively improve all advanced situations. Urology also ensures the best possible result in the genital area.

At the University Hospital Basel, the right specialist and the right equipment are available to avert every conceivable crisis.

You can trust us to listen to all your wishes, to act as a point of contact on an equal footing with you as a doctor and to take the liberty of advising against treatment. This means that you, your doctor and the whole team at the Margarethen Clinic will stand behind all the procedures you decide on.