Emergency center employee performs an ultrasound examination on a patient


With over 52,000 patients a year, we are always amazed. This amazement gives rise to ideas. We try to find out what patients have in common and try to develop models that could improve both diagnosis and treatment. Often enough, however, we also discover that patients who are similar in many respects at first glance actually have a surprising number of differences.

The research team at the Emergency Center is involved in national and international multi-center studies and conducts various studies of its own.

Own research projects

Falls study: Effect of a brief physiotherapy intervention in patients after a fall event in an emergency department

Back pain study: Effect of a short physiotherapy intervention in patients with non-specific back pain in the emergency department

Our research questions:

  • Negative X-Ray of pelvis followed by CT examination - frequency of surgical treatment in CT-detected fractures of the pelvis
  • Simple Prognostic Score: Validation of a safer discharge Score for the Emergency Department
  • Risk stratification and evaluation of risk factors regarding mortality of emergency patients
  • The Impact of frailty-attuned care in the Emergency Department

Multicenter studies

Enoxaparin for primary Thromboprophylaxis in Ambulatory Patients with Coronavirus: the Multicenter Randomized Controlled OVID Trial

Clinical Surveillance vs. Anticoagulation for Low-risk Patients with Isolated Subsegmental Pulmonary Embolism: A Multicenter Randomized Placebo-Controlled Non-Inferiority Trial

Integration of pre-test PRObability, Focused cardiac UltrasouNd and D-dimer for diagnosis of acUte aortic Syndromes (PROFUNDUS trial)

Important publications