Junior assistants and clinical traineeships in pathology


  • You will work full-time
  • familiarize yourself with pathology-specific methods
  • participate in the performance of autopsies under supervision and guidance
  • collect and formulate autopsy findings under supervision and guidance
  • take part in the daily biopsy meeting
  • take part in interdisciplinary clinical-pathological case presentations
  • complete the structured 2-day course "Pathology intensive: from biopsy to gene mutation"
  • participate in medical research if interested and suitable

Learning objectives

The University Hospital Basel is responsible for the care of the population of a catchment area of approx. 500,000 people. Students will gain an insight into all levels of care, from basic care in the urban catchment area to centralized medicine at a university hospital. In particular, they will gain an insight into the special aspects of pathology and learn about the possibilities and limitations of the methods we use and understand their application in routine clinical practice.

This includes

  • Collecting macroscopic pathology findings at autopsy
  • Collecting histopathological findings under the microscope
  • Systematic analysis of given pathological changes with differential diagnostic assessment in a clinical context
  • Discovering an interest in and inclination towards the field of pathology
  • Presentation of findings during the daily biopsy discussion
  • The students actively participate in the daily workflow of the Institute of Pathology, in particular in the histopathology/autopsy department.

There is an annual job quota.

Program duration:

  • One month, from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.


  • We take preferences into account where possible, but cannot guarantee a desired placement.

The Department of Pathology does not offer clinical traineeships.

Application modalities

Send your complete application with

  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • ID / passport
  • personal details
  • Career history
  • Details of all - including planned - sub-assistantships
  • Topic of the doctoral thesis
  • photo
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • Bachelor's certificate

for an undergraduate assistant position please send an e-mail to the secretariat of the Institute of Medical Genetics and Pathology.