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Patient-centered management

Patient-centered management is a competence center for patient-centeredness. To this end, it is networked throughout Europe and actively involved in research. Our services are always needs-oriented.

Strategic hospital projects

We support projects from the core and support business in an implementation-oriented and sustainable manner to improve process quality for our patients and for the daily work of our employees.

Anchoring of Lean Hospital and further development of patient centricity

We support employees at all functional levels in anchoring established methods and tools (Lean Hospital) and accompany them in the continuous further development of patient-centricity in their departments.

PZM Academy

We offer a practical and tailor-made course for employees at all functional levels who want to implement the principle of patient-centricity (e.g. using Lean Hospital) in the long term.


Frank Urech

Leitung Patientenzentriertes Management

Patientenzentriertes Management