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Cancer Diseases in Women

This Innovation Focus is intended to make a significant contribution regionally, nationally and internationally to improving the treatment of women’s cancers. The focus is on patients with breast and ovarian cancers. These diseases continue to place very high demands on cancer centers. They require a joint effort by professionals from multiple disciplines and occupations.

Our Innovation Focus aims not only to improve our international network, but to visibly improve treatment and prevention in our region. More specifically, we want to expand the range of clinical trials available to our patients. We would like to be able to offer future therapies today as part of the clinical trials. In addition, we are pursuing an integrative approach and will also expand our range of complementary medicine services. Good complementary medicine services can help reduce side effects and strengthen patients’ resilience.


Prof. Christian Kurzeder

Co-Leiter Brustklinik, Chefarzt Senologie


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