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If you are interested in the exciting field of urology, we would love to hear from you as an intern or junior assistant.

We offer a polite and collegial environment with a fixed training curriculum commensurate with the length of employment.

Fixed learning and training objectives for a one-month position are, for example

  • Urological anamnesis, urological examination
  • Basic ultrasound knowledge (kidney, bladder, prostate)
  • Interpretation of urine status, urine sediment and culture
  • Knowledge of standard urological operations (TUR-B, TUR-P/laser vaporization, DJ insertion, endoscopic stone removal)
  • Basic urological X-ray examinations (cystogram, retrograde urethrogram and ureteropyelogram)
  • Catheterization / catheter types
  • Basic knowledge of urodynamics
  • Creation of a case vignette

The curriculum is extended accordingly for longer periods of employment.

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Advancement of women

Urology is generally regarded as a male-dominated medical specialty. For this reason, the Department of Urology at the University Hospital Basel (USB) has introduced a concept for the advancement of women. The aim is to achieve a balanced ratio of female and male doctors by 2030. By 2025, the proportion of female assistant physicians should increase to at least 40% and the proportion of female senior physicians to at least 30%. The aim is for at least 25% of senior physicians to be women.

USB Urology should be known for its ability to achieve a good work-life balance. There should be equal opportunities between the sexes in clinical and surgical training, further training and academic careers. The development opportunities listed should also be open to part-time employees.

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What we do, we do with heart.
With us, you will find interdisciplinary collaboration, challenging tasks and career and development opportunities in an exciting and dynamic environment. We offer good and family-friendly employment conditions and support you in achieving a good work-life balance. Employment at the USB - much more than just a good job.

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Research in urology

Research plays an important role for us. In addition to conducting our own studies, we also actively participate in national and international studies. This commitment enables our patients to benefit from promising future treatment options at an early stage.