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Interdisciplinary joint venture asim, insurance medicine and professorship for private social law

Who becomes disabled and why (not)? - A research project in cooperation between the University Hospital Basel, asim Insurance Medicine / Insurance Law, Yvonne Bollag, Head of asim and Faculty of Law, Chair of Private Social Law, Prof. Dr. iur. Kurt Pärli.

asim, insurance medicine, specializes in the medical, expert assessment of illnesses and accidents in connection with insurance and liability claims. It clarifies the risk situation when taking out extra-mandatory supplementary insurance. It also supports employers and employees in reintegration planning following illness and accidents. In teaching and research, asim focuses on issues from insurance medicine practice at the interface of medicine and law and promotes innovation projects in the field of expert opinions, such as the joint expert consilium in medical liability matters. It contributes to the professionalization of insurance medicine with broad interdisciplinary educational activities.

Prof. Dr. iur. Kurt Pärli has been a member of the teaching staff of the postgraduate MAS, CAS, DAS in InsuranceMedicine at the University of Basel, co-directed by Yvonne Bollag, for many years and has also been involved in various asim, Insurance Medicine - Insurance Law training events at the University Hospital Basel.

With this research project, asim, Insurance Medicine and the Chair of Private Social Law want to intensify their collaboration. The aim is to bundle and deepen the expertise of both units in the best possible way and thus contribute to the analysis and problem-solving of the topic of "disability" (with a focus on incapacity to work).

asim projects

  • Dissertation by Tina Kämpf
    Discrimination potential of the concept of disability and the IV-specific definition and clarification of the ability to work in disability insurance (working title)
  • Dissertation by Laura Kunz
    The role of employers in incapacity for work, (re)integration and disability (working title)

Completed projects

Evaluation - Final report
Reimbursement of medicinal products in individual cases

Commissioned by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)
Authors: Dr. Wolfram Kägi, Miriam Frey and Thomas Möhr (BSS), Yvonne Bollag, Caroline Brugger (asim)

This report was commissioned externally by the FOPH in order to obtain an independent and scientifically sound answer to key questions. The interpretation of the results, the conclusions and any recommendations to the FOPH and other stakeholders may therefore differ from the opinion or position of the FOPH. The draft report was the subject of a meta-evaluation by the FOPH's Evaluation and Research Unit. The meta-evaluation (scientific and ethical quality control of an evaluation) is based on the quality standards of the Swiss Evaluation Society (SEVAL standards). The results of the meta-evaluation were communicated to the evaluation team and taken into account in this report.

  • Dissertation by Aleksandra Milosevic
    The compatibility of the functional and administrative position of the medical officers (KV), district physicians (UV) and the regional medical service (IV) with selected constitutional and statutory procedural guarantees of the insured persons

On behalf of the Federal Office of Public Health

Authors: Yvonne Bollag / Stefan Schütz / Iris Herzog-Zwitter

Jusletter August 29, 2016 LINK

Analysis of the claims and liability regime in human research in Switzerland with a focus on insurers Update June 2018 on the report of November 30, 2015 LINK

Analysis of the claims and liability regime in human research in Switzerland with a focus on insurers Management Summery - Update June 2018 to the report of November 30, 2015 LINK

MGS study on the appraisal situation in Switzerland, final report 2011

Final report 2011 LINK

Pilot project "Mediation in motor vehicle liability insurance"

Final report, October 2016 LINK