Typical examination instruments of the ENT clinic


Researchers at the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic have different areas of focus. The ENT Clinic also offers training and further education for specialists.

The ENT Clinic focuses on the following research areas:


Prof. Daniel Bodmer

Chief Physician, Head of Otology, Skull Base


Prof. Dr. med. Dr. sc. nat. Daniel Bodmer studied medicine at the University of Zurich. He then completed the MD PhD program at the University of Zurich and wrote an experimental doctoral thesis at the ETH in Zurich. This was followed by further clinical training at the University Hospital of Zurich to become an ENT specialist. He received training in inner ear biology at the University of San Diego (UCSD) and completed a fellowship in ear and skull base surgery at the University of Toronto. In 2007, he was appointed Assistant Professor of ENT at the University Hospital Basel, where he has been Chief Physician since 2011. Since fall 2013, he has headed the Head and Neck Eye Tumor Center at the University Hospital Basel. Since fall 2016, he has been President of the Swiss Working Group for Ear Surgery.


Prof. Antje Welge-Lüssen
Head Physician, Head of Otoneurology and Sensory Consultation

After completing my medical studies at the Christian Albrecht University in Kiel in 1988, I started my medical career at the Cantonal Hospital in Liestal as a surgical assistant in the same year and began my training as an ENT specialist at the University Hospital in Basel in 1991. As part of my specialist training, I worked at the University ENT Clinic in Freiburg and at the Cantonal Hospital in Aarau, before obtaining the German specialist title for ear, nose and throat medicine in 1995 and then becoming a senior physician at the ENT Clinic at the University Hospital in Basel. In 1998 I was awarded the specialist title of Otorhinolaryngologist (CH) and in 1999 the additional title of Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon.

My main area of research, which I have been working on for many years, is smell and taste disorders. In this field, I spent a research stay with Prof. Kobal in Erlangen from 2000 to 2001, where I was able to deepen my knowledge of electrophysiological studies of olfaction and habilitate in this subject at the University of Basel in 2004. I have co-edited two books in this field and run a specialist consultation on this subject.

Clinically, another focus of my work is "tinnitus" and its treatment. Since 2003, together with Dr. M. Sleptsova, psychologist in the Department of Psychosomatics, I have been offering an interdisciplinary tinnitus consultation and a tinnitus management group and have held the Psychosomatic and Psychosocial Medicine (APPM) certificate from the University of Basel since 2007. I have been a titular professor at the University of Basel since 2010 and, since I became medical director of the neuro-otology department in 2011, I have set up an interdisciplinary vertigo consultation in which vertigo patients are assessed together with colleagues from neurology, psychosomatics and the eye clinic. In 2012, I was able to gain further valuable experience in the treatment of vertigo as a visting doctor with Prof. M. Halmagyi at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, and since 2013 I have regularly run an interdisciplinary vertigo group for the treatment of vertigo patients together with Dr. Sleptsova from the psychosomatic department. Since 2013, I have been taking part in the "Insurance Medicine" Master's program at the University of Basel.


PD Dr. ès sc. Christof Stieger
Head of Audiology

PD Dr. ès sc. Christof Stieger studied electrical engineering at the ETH in Zurich, EPFL in Lausanne and at the Université catholique de Louvain la Neuve (UCL) in Belgium. He then completed two postgraduate courses in "Biomedical Engineering" and "Pedagogy/Didactics". In 1999, he started research and clinical work at the Inselspital in Bern in the field of implantable hearing systems and middle ear mechanics. He also wrote a doctoral thesis on this subject at the University of Neuchâtel.

He is the co-inventor of two implants. One hearing implant (DACS) for special hearing disorders has already been used increasingly at a large center in Germany. The second implant is a new type of access for hemodialysis, which is attached behind the ear and is now being tested in a clinical trial.

From 2009-2012, he headed a research group at the University of Bern as an assistant professor and also spent a year conducting research at Harvard University in Boston, USA. Since 2013, he has been Head of Audiology, the CI Center and Diagnostic Neurootology at the ENT Clinic of the University Hospital Basel. He received his habilitation from the University of Basel in 2015 and continues to conduct research.

Curriculum Vitae


Prof. Nicolas Gürtler
Senior Physician, Head of Pediatric ORL, Deputy Head of Otology

Prof. Nicolas Gürtler studied medicine at the University of Basel. After completing his basic medical training and working as a trainee doctor, he decided to train as an ENT specialist at the University Hospital of Basel and the Cantonal Hospital of Aarau. At the University of San Francisco (UCSF), USA, he completed research training in the field of genetic hearing loss/pediatric otology and habilitated in 2009. Since 2014, he has been Head of Pediatric ORL and Deputy Otology at the ENT University Clinic of the University Hospital Basel.

He has been President of the Swiss Working Group for Pediatric ORL since 2008 and was also a long-standing council member of the European Society of Pediatric ORL.

His research focuses on pediatric ORL, genetic hearing loss and ventilation disorders of the middle ear.


Prof. Claudio Storck
Senior Physician, Head of Phoniatrics

After completing his medical studies and doctorate at the University of Basel, Prof. Dr. med. Claudio Storck completed his further training at various clinics in Davos, St. Gallen and Zurich in the fields of surgery, internal medicine and otorhinolaryngology to become a specialist in otorhinolaryngology (2003). He then completed further training in phoniatrics and pedaudiology in Zurich and Innsbruck (2005). He then went on to specialize in ear, nose and throat surgery in Basel (2007). He extended his scientific activities at the University of Graz (Austria). Prof. Dr. Claudio Storck completed his habilitation at the University of Basel in 2011. He was appointed Head Physician in the ENT Clinic at the University Hospital Basel in 2012 and is Head of the Department of Phoniatrics and the ENT Polyclinic. Prof. Dr. Claudio Storck is a nationally and internationally renowned phoniatrist and laryngologist. In addition to this focus, he is President of the Neck Sonography Section of the SGUM.


PD Dr. Laurent Muller
Senior Physician, Head of Neck and Facial Surgery

After a year in the surgical clinic at St. Claraspital, I joined the ENT clinic at Basel University Hospital in 2009. Here, as well as at Aarau Cantonal Hospital, I really enjoyed working as an ENT specialist and completed my specialist training.

Since March 2015, I have enjoyed working here as a senior physician, dedicating myself fully to my main area of oncological ENT in addition to general ENT diseases. In addition to caring for tumor patients before, during and after their surgical procedure, I also attach great importance to the development of new surgical methods, especially robotic surgery, which I see as a promising, future-oriented method.

In line with my area of specialization, I work in the field of basic tumor immunology research. To this end, I spent two years at the Hillman Cancer Center at the University of Pittsburgh in the USA and am currently continuing my research work with enthusiasm in collaboration with my colleagues in oncology here in Basel.

To further develop my surgical skills, I am planning to spend 2 months in 2017 at the renowned reference hospital of the University of Paris: Gustave Roussy.

Contact us

If you are interested in writing a dissertation or scientific paper, you can contact the head of the research focus or the Administration Office directly.

Administration Office
Phone +41 61 265 41 04

The ENT Clinic of the University Hospital Basel, in cooperation with the ORL-BAL, organizes regular training courses on Thursday afternoons. These are designed for colleagues from the University Hospital as well as for colleagues in private practice and are usually held by doctors from the ENT clinics in conjunction with invited guest speakers. The respective topics and the exact location can be found on the SGORL website.


As a junior assistant at the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, you will get to know the specialty as well as the outpatient and inpatient areas.

The working day begins at 7.45 am with the report and ends at around 5 pm. You will not be required to work nights or weekends. As a junior assistant, you will share the regular daily routine of a junior doctor, including attending reports, interdisciplinary meetings and internal training courses.

Available positions: 2-3 per month

Program duration: at least one month

Rotation opportunities: You will spend half of the employment period at our outpatient clinic, the other half at the ENT bed ward

Learning objectives and tasks

Learning objectives:

  • You will learn to carry out an ENT examination independently.
  • You will learn how to independently treat an ENT emergency patient (medical history, examination, therapy) under the guidance of an assistant doctor.
  • You will learn about the most common clinical pictures and their treatment.
  • You will gain an insight into ward work.


  • Independent care of patients in the outpatient clinic under supervision, including medical documentation
  • Participation in various operations in the ENT area, such as major tumor operations, sinus or ear surgery
  • Active collaboration on the ward (patient care, preparation of reports, medical documentation)

Application modalities

Please send your application with the following documents in writing as a letter or by e-mail to Prof. D. Bodmer, Head Physician of the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic:

  • CV
  • Current certificate of study
  • Specification of the desired period

Contact us

Prof. Daniel Bodmer
Chief Physician ENT Clinic
Petersgraben 4
4031 Basel

Applications for an AA position in Aarau, Basel, Liestal and Olten will be evaluated centrally. Please send your complete application dossier by email to Prof. Daniel Bodmer, Head of the ENT Clinic, daniel.bodmer@usb.ch.

If you have any questions, please contact the head physician's office on +41 61 265 41 07.

The next course will take place on March 1, 2024. You can find the program and registration here.

Venue: Anatomy Institute, University of Basel
Pestalozzistrasse 20, 4056 Basel

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