Junior assistants and clinical traineeships in internal medicine

The acute beds (over 200 beds) and the outpatient clinic for internal medicine are managed as general internal medicine units. (Clinic for Internal Medicine and Medical Polyclinic). The special clinics represent their specialty in the Medical Department (and University Hospital) in the consultation and on-call service, run the special examination and treatment laboratories of their discipline in the Medical Diagnostics Department and hold subject-specific special consultation hours for assigned outpatients in the outpatient clinic of the Medical Polyclinic.

On average, up to 16 sub-assistants are employed in Internal Medicine. The place of assignment is generally based on the following distribution key:

Acute wards of the Clinic for Internal Medicine

11-13 junior assistants

KUK (short-term cardiology clinic)

2 sub-assistants

Emergency Center

0 -2 Sub-assistants

Intensive care unit

1 sub-assistant

The primary goal is, of course, to learn and experience the work of a doctor on a general internal medicine ward:

  • Integration of the sub-assistant into the life and work of a ward
  • Integration and active participation in patient reports and ward rounds
  • Intensive training in anamnesis, status and assessment of incoming patients
  • Learning how to keep a sensible and efficient medical history
  • Learning to write discharge reports
  • Learning to present patients (on ward rounds, interdisciplinary conferences, etc.)
  • Learning to care for and present "own" patients under the supervision of a senior physician
  • Learning simple diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (blood sampling, injection techniques, lumbar, pleural and ascites puncture, insertion of a bladder catheter, assessment and preparation of ECGs)

Learning objectives

  • Taking a medical history
  • Taking a status report
  • Taking a medical history
  • Making a differential diagnosis
  • Recording options/measures in internal medicine (therapy)

Available places

We offer 16 positions for sub-assistants every month.

Open positions

Please enquire directly by e-mail - we always have vacancies at short notice!

Program duration

Three to four months (at least two months), from the first day of the first month to the last day of the last month.


The Internal Medicine Coordinator is responsible for scheduling and assigning the interns. Primarily, each intern starts on a general internal medicine ward in the Department of Internal Medicine. The primary internal medicine training takes place on these wards. In addition, interns can rotate to the Cardiology Short-Term Clinic (KUK) and the Intensive Care Unit (IPS). In the case of special qualifications, there is also the possibility of a rotation to the Emergency Center. The senior physicians of the internal medicine wards are responsible for assessing qualifications. However, the final allocation to the wards is the sole responsibility of the junior assistant coordinator.

Working hours:

Officially, working hours begin at 08:00 and last until 18:00 with a lunch break. In principle, the junior assistant accompanies the doctors responsible for him/her to all mandatory reports and ward rounds. The further course of the day is discussed with the responsible assistant doctor (admissions, KG management, etc...). The sub-assistants also perform weekend and holiday duties.

Residence permit:

Will be applied for by us. If you are spending more than one tertial in Basel, please let us know at the beginning so that we can obtain the permit for the entire period.

Salary, insurance:

The salary is CHF 1200 per month. Social insurances (AHV, unemployment insurance, occupational and non-occupational accident insurance 3rd class) are deducted from this, as well as the costs for the residence permit in the first month. During their stay with us, sub-assistants are insured for occupational and non-occupational accidents as well as liability, but not for illness - in this case, they must take out appropriate cover in Switzerland themselves.

Are you interested in a clinical traineeship with us? Please read the information on the clinical traineeships.

The differences:

  • Clinical traineeships are unpaid

The following also applies to clinical trainees: you can expect a full workload with us.

Application modalities

Send your complete application with

  • personal details
  • career
  • Details of all clinical traineeships, including those planned
  • Topic of your doctoral thesis
  • Physikum, university transcripts
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • Copy of passport or ID card
  • photo

for a junior assistant position please send an e-mail to the secretariat of the Department of Internal Medicine.

Responsible for the sub-assistance


Dr. Olivia Katharina Müller


Innere Medizin

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Coordinator for sub-assistance

Stefanie Elshenawy

Secretariat for junior assistants

Internal Medicine


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