Researchers pipetting


The University Hospital Basel works closely with the Medical Faculty of the University of Basel. Good coordination between the faculty and the hospital leads to innovations and improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. In this way, patients in the region benefit from constant progress in medicine.

The researchers at the Medical Polyclinic

PD Dr. Christoph T. Berger

Research focus: Development of autoimmune diseases and the immunology of vaccination responses

PD Dr. Thilo Burkard

Research focus: Arterial hypertension, especially application and transfer of new techniques into clinical practice including blood pressure measurement methods, treatment management and care models; special forms of hypertension (refractory hypertension, pregnancy). Preventive cardiology.

Prof. Christoph Hess and his teams in Basel and Cambridge

Research focus: They investigate the metabolic basis of immune cell function. The aim is to understand the molecular cause of diseases with immunometabolic dysregulation in order to be able to treat them better.

PD Dr. Michael Mayr

Research focus: Epidemiology, risk factors and diagnostics of chronic diseases with a special focus on chronic kidney disease.

Dr. med. Andrea Meienberg

Research focus: MME, main areas of interest in didactics and knowledge transfer in medical education and training and prevention

Prof. Mike Recher

Research focus: immunodeficiency. Prof. Dr. Mike Recher and his team are trying to decipher the molecular causes of immune deficiencies in patients. This means that susceptibility to infections or immune attacks against the patient's own body (autoimmunity) can be treated as specifically as possible and tailored to the patient (personalized).

Dr. Thenral Socrates

Research focus: arterial hypertension, especially pregnancy-associated hypertension

Dr. Annina Vischer

Research focus: cardiomyopathies, arterial hypertension, especially blood pressure measurement, treatment methods, influence on heart muscle.