Prof. Luigi Mariani explains a treatment procedure to an assistant doctor using a brain model


We understand our academic task within the framework of scientifically sound, practical training as a permanent questioning and improvement of medical activity. With this in mind, we support and encourage an alert, inquiring attitude.

NCH training concept

In the following document you will find all the information about the training center, the medical team, starting the position and support, the training content, evaluation and application.

There are annual application rounds, each January for planning two years later and beyond. The application deadline is the end of November . All further information on the application procedure can be found in the document above.

Master's thesis or doctoral thesis in the field of neurosurgery


The Department of Neurosurgery at the University Hospital Basel is responsible for the surgical treatment of diseases and injuries of the brain and skull. This includes the surgical treatment of brain tumors, traumatic brain injuries, brain aneurysms and other cerebrovascular malformations, hydrocephalus (hydrocephalus) and movement disorders. Our Spine Unit is responsible for the surgical treatment of diseases of the spine and spinal cord. Our young patients with brain, spinal column and spinal cord diseases are treated and operated on at the University Children's Hospital (UKBB). In addition to patient care, we are heavily involved in teaching as well as clinical and basic research.

We offer:

  • As part of your Master's thesis and/or dissertation, you can carry out a clinical-scientific project or a basic research project (laboratory).
  • For a clinical thesis, we offer you the opportunity to work on a study (usually a retrospective cohort study or review) with a specific question on a neurosurgical clinical picture (in adults or children).
  • For a laboratory research project, we offer you the opportunity to work in one of our neurosurgical/neuroscience laboratories (tumor immunology laboratory or stem cell laboratory) with a specific question on basic research in neurosurgery. The aim of the Master's thesis or dissertation is usually to be allowed to contribute to a peer-reviewed article as first or co-author.
  • As part of the thesis, you will learn how to gather information on a topic and then reformulate it scientifically into a research question. You will then deal with this question as part of your thesis and learn how to analyze it scientifically and present your results.
  • One of our aims is for Master's students to be able to continue their work with us as doctoral students.
  • If you wish, we offer you the opportunity to join us in the operating theater to see neurosurgical procedures. Preference is given to procedures that are related to your project.
  • We have a large number of experienced clinical and basic researchers working with us, who conduct research in a wide variety of neurosurgical fields and will competently guide and support you in your master's thesis or dissertation.


  • Interest in neuroscience, neuroanatomy and diseases of the nervous system and their surgical treatment
  • Interest in clinical or basic research
  • Students enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Basel
  • Master students: 3rd year
    Doctoral students: Completed Master's thesis (usually from 4th-5th year)
  • Solid and friendly social interaction
  • Diligence, resilience, independence and motivation to conduct research
  • Interest in working with neurosurgeons and study coordinator

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