Your resignation

Your hospital discharge will be optimally prepared and organized in consultation with you. It is important to us that you continue to receive the best possible care after your hospital stay.

Exit planning

During your stay in hospital, we will coordinate discharge planning with you at an early stage and involve case management if necessary. In consultation with you and the treatment team, they will ensure that you receive adequate care at home or in rehabilitation. As a rule, you will be discharged by 10 a.m. Please sign out with the nursing staff.

Before discharge, you will have an information meeting with a doctor and the nurse responsible for you. During this meeting you will be informed about the following:

  • Rules of conduct for everyday life
  • when and how you can resume your usual activities
  • Effects and side effects of medication
  • danger signs of your illness or operation

If necessary, you will also receive a medical certificate for your employer, prescriptions for medication and any other prescriptions. The date for your check-up appointment will be sent to you separately.

You organize your journey home yourself. If it is not possible for you to organize transport home or if you are dependent on a special means of transport due to limited mobility, we can help you with the organization.

You will be responsible for the costs of transportation home. If you would like to ask your health insurer to cover transportation costs, your doctor can issue you with a medical certificate stating that you are dependent on a special means of transport due to reduced mobility. However, this does not guarantee that the insurer will cover the costs.


The need for and form of any follow-up treatment will be agreed with you by your treatment team.

If necessary, the staff at the University Hospital Basel will arrange outpatient or inpatient follow-up care or organize Spitex care for you.


Our billing management staff will be happy to answer any financial questions you may have about your hospital stay.

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