Bacteriology staff smearing a bacterial sample


Every day, Laboratory Medicine carries out countless analyses for various researchers at the University Hospital Basel, the University of Basel and other institutions.

Research in Laboratory Medicine at the University Hospital Basel focuses in particular on applied, clinically-oriented questions with the improvement of diagnostics, e.g. novel biomarkers or the development of new diagnostic procedures. Master's and PhD students and postdocs from the university also work in the laboratories. Research activities are supported by the BMA and academics.

In particular, laboratory medicine staff are involved in the university's focus on personalized medicine.

We are happy to carry out analyses for your clinical studies.

Please contact the Study Coordination Department of Laboratory Medicine to discuss the details of conducting and funding the study.

Laboratory medicine has a long tradition in the development and testing of novel and innovative diagnostics. Research focuses on new diagnostic procedures in order to optimize analytics in everyday laboratory medicine.

Mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) is used to determine vitamins, metabolites, drugs and medicines using 6 modern devices. The high specificity of the method allows a very reliable determination of the analytes. Laboratory Medicine was the first laboratory in the world to introduce a fully automated mass spectrometer into routine operation.

In laboratory medicine, we have 4 state-of-the-art short-fragment sequencing devices at our disposal: MiniSeq (Illumina), MiSeq (Illumina), NextSeq (Illumina) and IonTorrent (Life Technologies). These devices allow the DNA and RNA of humans and pathogens to be sequenced quickly and reliably. Next Generation Sequencing is used as part of routine diagnostics and is ISO accredited. Amplicons as well as the entire genome are sequenced. We also have new long-fragment sequencing with a GridIon system (Oxford Nanopore) - this highly innovative technology allows sequencing within minutes.