Microsurgical basic course

The basic microsurgery course in Basel will familiarize you with the tools and techniques of microsurgery and the various ways in which they can be used. Under supervision, you will learn vascular and nerve suturing on practice models and pig hearts. The course concept corresponds to the guidelines issued by the German-speaking Association for Microsurgery (DAM) and is part of a modular training system. The learning progress is checked at the end of the course by a practical examination.

Practice: Microsurgical instruments, vascular anastomosis, microsurgical knot, end-to-side caliber jump, nerve suture

Theory: microcirculation and vascularization of tissue, nerve injuries, replantations, clinical applications of microsurgery

Price: CHF 900 for external participants, CHF 600 for employees of the University Hospital Basel

For questions and suggestions, please contactplast.chirurgie@usb.chis at your disposal.

Course accreditation

  • Swiss Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SGPRÄC) 20 points
  • Swiss Society for Hand Surgery (SGH) 20 points
  • Swiss Society for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (SGMKG) 20 points
  • Swiss Society for Neurosurgery (SGN) 18 points
  • Swiss Society of Urology (SGU) 1 point
  • German-speaking Association for Microsurgery of the Peripheral Nerves and Vessels (DAM): Certification 2012

Registration for the next basic microsurgery course (September 2-6, 2024)