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Teaching and research


Teaching and research is a central component of our daily work. Medical knowledge is constantly increasing, technical progress is accelerating - today it is a matter of course that we work together and invest in education and research.

The team at the Center for Musculoskeletal Infections strives to continuously adapt treatment concepts in line with the latest research and to pass this on.
From diagnostics and therapy to the effects of musculoskeletal infections on daily life, we are interested in all the correlations and new findings that have an influence on the successful treatment of our patients.

We may therefore ask you as a patient to participate in our surveys or research projects. This has no direct advantage or disadvantage for you personally, but your contribution is extremely important for future patients and for the further development of our treatment concepts.

Find out more about our current projects below:

As part of value-based healthcare, we will ask you about your general health and quality of life during your stay in hospital and afterwards (after 6 weeks, 3 months, 1 year and 2 years). The information you provide enables us to better assess your personal state of health and adapt your individual treatment accordingly. On the other hand, we can also draw conclusions for the adaptation of our treatment concepts.
Participation in the survey is voluntary, but extremely valuable for us.

Find out more about the benefits of value-based treatment in the "gesundheit heute" program using the example of a patient with shoulder pain in our orthopaedics clinic at Bethesda Hospital:

For further questions about the PROMS measurements:
Mandy Mathys, Study Coordinator, Tel: 061 556 52 79,

The MID study is an international research project of the University Medical Center Utrecht. Over 2 years, participants are being sought at eight clinics in Europe to test the reliability of the Synovasure® Microbial ID test (MID test) for the detection of infection in artificial joints.

To date, there is no reliable test for the detection of a prosthesis infection. At present, various tests are carried out if a prosthesis infection is suspected. These include a physical examination, a blood test, X-rays and a puncture of the joint to have joint fluid examined in the laboratory. All these examinations provide different results. In current practice, the combination of these examination results provides the orthopaedic surgeon with the diagnosis of a prosthesis infection. However, not all prosthesis infections are detected in this way. In addition, it can take up to 14 days for all the results to be available.
However, the results of the MID test are available after just 48 hours. For these reasons, the research project aims to find out whether the MID test provides reliable evidence of a prosthesis infection.

All patients with a suspected joint prosthesis infection who are scheduled for joint puncture or surgery and who have not yet started antibiotic therapy are eligible to participate.

For further questions about the MID study:
Lea Martin, Medical Assistant/Study Coordinator, Tel. 061 556 59 52,

Antibiotics are effective and indispensable drugs for the treatment of life-threatening bacterial infections. However, more and more bacterial pathogens are developing resistance to one or even several antibiotics, making it difficult or even impossible to treat the infection.

There is therefore an urgent need to find new approaches to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria. However, the development of new drugs usually takes up to 20 years and there are currently hardly any new classes of antibiotics in development.

The National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) AntiResist is a Swiss-wide research consortium funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). The aim of AntiResist is to combat the rapid and global increase and spread of antibiotic resistance and, ideally, to find new approaches to treating infections.

The entire project is designed to run for 12 years. The first part of the project aims to better understand the processes in the body, in particular the bacteria during an infection. To this end, a clinical study will be carried out at the USB over 4 years to obtain sample material, which will then be examined and researched.
We at the Center for Musculoskeletal Infections are involved in the area of deep-seated infections. Infected tissue that is removed during an operation and is not required is made available to the researchers.

Further information on the NCCR AntiResist project (currently only available in English):

For further questions: PD Dr. Richard Kühl, Subinvestigator/Chief Physician Infectiology, Tel: 061 328 66 61,

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The team members at the Center for Musculoskeletal Infections are actively involved nationally and internationally in the field of further education and training and are very well networked in this regard.

In addition to regular lectures as part of student training at the medical faculty in Basel, the organization of continuing education courses, contributions to specialist congresses and the supervision of master's theses and dissertations, we also offer shorter or longer fellowships for interested visiting physicians.

If you are interested or have further questions, please contact