That was the Cancer Info Day 2023

Here you will find all videos of the presentations from the Cancer Info Day 2023 on the topics

Tumors of the oral cavity and larynx

Contents of the video:

  • Procedure of a so-called tumor conference
  • Interdisciplinary consultation
  • Early detection and therapy with Dr. Jens Jakscha, Deputy Head Physician ENT and Senior Physician, Dr. Eveline Daetwyler, Deputy Senior Physician Oncology, Jens Lustenberger, Deputy Senior Physician Radiation Oncology and Dr. Bilal Msallem, Senior Physician Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Talking about cancer: with our family and loved ones

Contents of the video:

  • How to talk about my illness with Dr. Marcel Delahaye, psychologist in psychosomatic medicine.
  • Palliative care - the umbrella, not the rain. With Dr. Sandra Eckstein, Senior Physician, Head of the Palliative Care Department and Prof. Jan Gärtner, Chief Physician at the Hildegard Palliative Care Center.
  • Nursing: Moving from hospital to home, what is important? with Ilona Kaufmann-Molnar, nursing expert in oncology and Naemi Kurylec, nursing expert in palliative care

Breast cancer

Contents of the video:

  • The most important questions about female breast reconstruction answered in an understandable way with Prof. Martin Haug, Senior Physician and Deputy Head of Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic and Hand Surgery
  • Breast cancer - a challenge for the psyche with Lotta Tasman, M.Sc., Psychologist, Gyn. Psychosocial Medicine
  • Yoga works with Christina Klanke, Head of the Nursing/MTT Department

Most important innovations in tumor therapy

Contents of the video:

  • Radiotherapy with PD Dr. Tobias Finazzi, Senior Consultant in Radiation Oncology
  • Oncology with Prof. Alfred Zippelius, Head Physician and Chief Physician a.i. Oncology

Propatient Research Foundation

Contents of the video:

  • Annemarie Karrasch Research Prize with Prof. Marcel Tanner, President of the Propatient Research Foundation and Board of Directors of the University Hospital Basel and prizewinner