For the medicine of the future: USB Innovation Focus

The University Hospital Basel has defined seven interdisciplinary areas of focus in clinical medicine, research and development that are expected by renowned experts to yield significant advances for the future of medicine. With the «USB Innovation Focus» initiative, the University Hospital Basel wants to make its mark nationally and internationally, and offer direct benefits for patient treatment.

Innovation Focus on Regenerative Surgery

Our Innovation Focus on Regenerative Surgery is about restoring the structure and function of tissues lost due to injuries, diseases or aging processes. Using innovative treatment strategies, we want to preserve our patients’ long-term mobility and improve their quality of life.

Innovation Focus on Acute Medicine, Heart & Brain

Our Innovation Focus on Acute Medicine, Heart & Brain is about further improving the care of patients with acute life-threatening diseases such as acute myocardial infarction and acute stroke.

Innovation Focus on Pediatric Neurosurgery

Pediatric neurosurgery is a highly specialized field. We treat children with rare diseases of the central nervous system, skull and spine. Thanks to specialized, interdisciplinary treatment teams and innovative neuroscience research, we are able to offer the children affected by these conditions state-of-the-art medicine based on the latest research findings.

Innovation Focus on Ophthalmology

In our Innovation Focus on Ophthalmology, we will switch our surgery practice to digital microscopy and introduce live retina imaging during surgery. This will allow us to apply new gene therapies under the retina with precision.

Innovation Focus on Gender Variance

Our Innovation Focus on Gender Variance is dedicated to one of the most important medical questions of the 21st century: What is gender and why do we sometimes have trouble with it?

Innovation Focus on Cancer Diseases in Women

This Innovation Focus is intended to make a significant contribution regionally, nationally and internationally to improving the treatment of cancer diseases in women.

Innovation Focus on Cell Therapies

Cell therapies, such as stem cell transplantation and organ transplantation, are part of the University Hospital Basel’s success story. This is the expertise we are building on. In recent years, we were able to develop novel cell therapies to fight cancer and infectious diseases. These treatments, representative of our university hospital, are unique nationally and internationally.