The Real Estate division of the University Hospital Basel assumes ownership responsibility for all properties owned by Healthcare Infra AG and is responsible for all leased properties. It ensures the economic, sustainable and user-oriented availability of space and area requirements. To this end, the Real Estate division sets standards in its area of responsibility, plans and builds its own properties and leases third-party properties.

Our team


Fernando Imhof

Leiter Bereich Immobilien



Ulf Grünert

Senior Projektleiter Klinikum 2



Dr. Eugen Schröder

Senior Projektleiter Klinikum 3


This specialist unit develops corresponding structures and processes based on the corporate strategy. It prepares the operational and organizational master plan as a prerequisite for the implementation of the construction master plan. This leads to the continuous updating of planning and is coordinated with site planning and construction project management.


Jürgen Michael Seufert

Leiter Strateg. Betriebs- & Standortplanung


We are responsible for supplying the USB with a wide range of energy sources such as electricity, heating, cooling, water and gas. With our highly specialized knowledge, we also ensure the operation and maintenance of all technical building systems and installations. We advise, plan and carry out maintenance services in the specialist area of all building technology.


Alessandro Cerminara


Gebäude- und Energietechnik

Engineering prepares feasibility studies, projects, plans and implements conversions and new builds for all properties, regardless of whether they are owned or leased by the USB. The project managers also act as client representatives. It provides resources for the implementation of the two major new building projects K2 and K3. Engineering is responsible for the project and object documentation of the building structure, including all 3D building models and room data in the FM tool and their maintenance. The tools required for this and their maintenance are an important part of the department's responsibilities. The maintenance of the building in accordance with SIA 469 is ensured by Engineering. Regular property assessments are used by the Head of Real Estate and the hospital management as a basis for developing property strategies.


Michael Schuler


Engineering & Bauwerke

Complete structural renovation of the Health Campus

We will continue to develop the campus over the next 20 years. With this generational project, we are securing medicine at university level. Clinic 2 will be rebuilt and the new Clinic 3 will be built on Schanzenstrasse and Klingelbergstrasse.

Visualization of the planned new Clinic 3 building, view from the hospital garden
Project show Engineering and building technology

The project showcase presents examples of the diverse tasks and services of our engineering and energy and building technology departments.

View of Klinikum 1 and Spitalstrasse from Schanzenstrasse, in Basel